I Dare You…

We should always see ourselves as special, unique and equipped to make a difference in this world- in a way that will be impactful upon our fellow man to help make them better, wiser and stronger than they are right now.  So many times people face trials, challenges and setbacks and, because of these struggles, they believe the lie that their life isn’t viable to be used to make a difference in this world.  In reality, that is the exact opposite of the truth.  The more we have struggled, the more we have fallen short, the more challenges that were in our path, is what makes us that much more able to make a difference.  We can use what we have learned in the difficult times to help others not make the same mistakes, as well as to give them hope and encouragement, if they have fallen short, to know that a new beginning is always possible with God.  Just ask Paul!!! Or Paulette, or put your own name in there_________! Dare to make your life significant!
#forgiven #cleansed #redeemed
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