Reading List and News for SSMCNJ 2015

Graduation will be held on March 12 at 2pm during the Wired for Worship Symposium.

LUNCH:  as part of your celebration we will be serving you lunch immediately following the first session at 12:30pm.

FAMILY MEMBERS: If you have family members coming to see you graduate please tell them to arrive at 1:30pm and meet you at the registration desk.They will be admitted into the service at no charge and without wristband. If they are planning on staying for the evening service, they will be charged registration fees.


Reading List:
Book Title and Author –Report Due Dates
  1. Developing the Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell – due February 14th
  2. Dreaming With God by Bill Johnson- due April 11th
  3. Loving Our Kids On Purpose by Danny Silk – due June 6th
  4. God’s Generals: The Revivalists by Roberts Liardon – due August 1st
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