I was one who was rocked…

Praise God

Testimonies remind us of what God has done, and invite Him to do it again!

I was one who was rocked in Syracuse, NY …. I have been in itinerate ministry for over 32 years. As of the last two years I was unable to travel or help co-pastor in our church with my husband due to the severity of Migraine Headaches. …  I was devastated and depressed as migraine headaches disabled me [from traveling] the world because of this terrible affliction. As Paulette had an altar call for prayer I ran to the front and was totally healed miraculously from Migraine headaches and unable to swallow properly. I am totally healed of both. The migraines were many times 2 in a week now they are gone, gone, gone. All Glory to our risen Lord and Paulette’s vision to ROCK Syracuse, NY.

Amen! Do it again, Lord.

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