“…And I haven’t Been the Same Since.”

Praise God

We love to hear testimonies of how God has altered the path of someone’s life as a result of one of our conferences.  The following is taken from a note that we received recently:

“The first time I stepped foot I had the most amazing experience. It was during the conference with Nathan Morris that I had my first prophetic experience and I haven’t been the same since. Many months later, God has taken me to other places, some of my choice, but mostly places of his choosing, and that experience has opened my eyes to incredible wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Deuteronomy 12 was brought to me as I was coming out from sleep and in the in-between state of sleep and wake. In regard to some conferences I attended in a certain place of worship in NYC, Holy Spirit told me to Tear Down the Altar. This simple four word sentence is packed with revelation and although it had to do with work He is doing in my heart, it is also the work I am called to do in the body of Christ, and connected to a power dream I was given after the Nathan Morris conference.

Anyway, thank you and May God Bless you and continue to shine upon you.”

Please continue sharing testimonies with us- it encourages all of us to see how God is moving among His people!

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