Red Light, Green Light, 1-2-3

How are you at waiting on God? How do you determine God is giving you the green light to move forward?

Three important things to do prior to making a decision on a matter:

First, gather facts! However, this does not ultimately drive your decision, but it can put a stop to it. Example, if you were planning to build a shopping center and you knew the only way to lease the space was to rent to a porn shop; your decision would be made. God would not lead you to enter into unrighteous ventures.

Second, is the Holy Spirit guiding you in your decision? “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord” (Psalm 37:23). Don’t bull your way through the hedges that God surrounds you with under the pretense of tenacity and perseverance. A wise businessperson once stated that the greatest success one can have is to know when it is time to pull the plug rather than keep forcing a situation. Not everything was meant to last forever.

 Third, has your decision been confirmed?  “Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.” (2 Cor 13:1). This is God’s way of keeping us within the hedge of His protection.

 Lesson: “Write your plans in pencil and give God the eraser.”

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